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Peter Brinich of your Eves apartments on Saint Peter Road is in vital ailment in the Good Samaritan Medical center where he was rushed within the ambulance immediately after he had fallen below a transferring coal vehicle and experienced his two legs and an arm severed.  The accident happened about 2:fifteen p. m. this afternoon.  At 3:00 the hospital reported that he was residing and which the doctors ended up focusing on him.

Daniel G. Womer of Cressona, the well-known telegraph operator at Mine Hill crossing experienced an incredibly slim escape from Demise Tuesday afternoon.  In likely out from the Office environment to problem orders to north bound Motor one zero one, with Superintendent Keefer and numerous other P and R officials, he misjudged the velocity of a south bound educate which overtook him in his effort to recross the tracks.  He was struck via the engine and hurled into the aspect narrowly escaping being operate around.  Mr. Womer was assisted towards the office and later removed to his dwelling.

Watchman Dewald experienced passed the blacksmith store just fifteen minutes before the flames burst out.  He had walked towards the oil home and carpenter store and was on his way back again to the higher finish on the lawn, if the store went up like so much powder.  It absolutely was only a question of some seconds before the flames communicated into the carpenter shop adjoining, many of the properties being of Wooden.  With the carpenter shop, the flames then communicated to the motor property after which on the warehouse and storage Section.

Adam Burkert, a hugely esteemed and popular resident of Schuylkill Haven, was promptly killed this morning in the Landingville storage yards in the P and R Corporation.

Irvin Hummel, of this put, an employee within the P and R coal storage yards at Landingville, experienced a narrow escape from becoming killed on Monday evening.  Mr. Hummel, who were unfortunate in past times to get rid of one among his arms, alighted from the storage yard train, which was transferring gradually within the Williams Street crossing into your southbound keep track of.

William Lindermuth of Canal Road, an employee from the Philadelphia and Studying car outlets, was critically wounded even though at work Monday.  He was Performing in the drawhead of a car or truck when the gang on the car next to his begun their motor vehicle and shed control of it.  Lindermuth did not listen to it come and was caught in between the drawhead of his vehicle and the top sill of one other.

A Concept  The Studying Railroad has been very unfortunate over the past 12 months with the amount of explosions of locomotives that have transpired.  One particular outdated railroader this morning assigned the next since the prime trigger why these engines have exploded.  He reported in compound the crews are compelled to operate their engines at an extremely large tension to attract the quite hefty trains which might be put at the rear of them for that previous yr.

The disabled educate didn't get away until late inside the evening.  The crew all escaped uninjured.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The topic of discussion and the goal of the meeting was in relation towards the closing of the vehicle retailers at Schuylkill Haven along with the engine house and weigh scales at Cressona.  The General Superintendent certain the committee the closing down of such models was made necessary to curtail fees and that he hoped the suspension might be but short-term.

William Collins, Edward Kupko, Harry Sowers, Clayton Phillips all testified they were under and were being pulling within the rope.  They heard a person cry out that Kehoe was caught and stopped.  They ran up the measures into the System and by that time they'd introduced the boy and have been bringing him down.

The outcome of the conference developed nothing at all definite insofar as bringing a couple of resumption on the units right here and at Cressona which were being closed down, nor was it my site envisioned that This may be completed.  The convention lasted a fifty percent hour.  Regret was, naturally, expressed that a temporary suspension get was produced necessary about the Section of the organization.  Appreciation on the consideration in many ways that has been specified the corporation by equally communities was also commented upon by the officers.

On Saturday evening, while Harry Freiler, a P and R brakeman, was standing to the tender of engine Range 838 which was shifting for the Schuylkill Haven storage property, he misplaced his footing and fell throughout the keep track of, the tender passing above his body and killing him Virtually instantaneously.

The motor struck the Wessner girl about the arm and threw each over the track, but Fortunately about the shifting keep track of in lieu of the southbound track on which the coach was approaching.  The James Woman struck the observe along with her head and sustained a bruised forehead.

Though seeking to bounce to the front of Engine 768, utilised to be a shifter round the Mine click this link Hill crossing, John Martin, aged eighteen several years, misplaced his footing and fell, the wheels from the engine passing about his correct foot severing it concerning the heel and ankle.  He was identified because of the conductor of th motor, John Deiter, who right away stopped the P. & R.

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